Nutritional Guide: 7 Foods Beneficial for Thyroid Health and 3 to Steer Clear of
Oct 07, 2023 By Nancy Miller

Your body relies on the butterfly-shaped thyroid gland in your neck. The hormones it produces regulate your metabolism, which uses energy. Maintaining a healthy thyroid and body requires proper nutrition. This article discusses seven thyroid-friendly foods and three that may need improvement, especially considering thyroid-cancer-friendly foods.

Good for Thyroid Health


To maintain a healthy thyroid, seaweed is a genuinely beneficial food. It's like a treasure chest of nutrients, and the star of the show is iodine. Iodine is the fuel the thyroid gland needs to make hormones essential for managing your metabolism. When your body lacks iodine, your thyroid might struggle, causing various health issues.

So, how does seaweed help? Well, it's loaded with iodine! Including seaweed in your meals, like a tasty salad, can help keep your iodine levels in check. But remember, balance is critical. Too much of anything isn't good; the same goes for iodine. Stick to moderate amounts to avoid overwhelming your thyroid.

Additionally, seaweed is considered one of the best foods for thyroid cancer, supporting overall thyroid function and potentially aiding in prevention and recovery.


Imagine a creamy, delicious, and great food for your thyroid – that's yogurt for you! Yogurt is a fantastic source of iodine, which, as we've learned, is essential for your thyroid. A cup of this creamy delight, whether plain, low-fat, or Greek, is a lovely addition to your daily diet to meet iodine needs.

Because it is packed with iodine, yogurt is also recognized as one of the best foods for thyroid cancer. It's like a double win – you simultaneously enjoy a tasty snack and, in return, support your thyroid health!

Brazil Nuts

If there were a superhero team of foods protecting your thyroid, Brazil nuts would be on it! These nuts are rich in selenium, a mineral like a guardian for your thyroid. It helps prevent damage and ensures thyroid hormones do their job right, especially for people with thyroid conditions like Hashimoto's and Graves' disease.

But, like all superheroes, Brazil nuts must be cautiously approached. Consuming them in moderation is the way to go, as eating too many could lead to less-than-ideal situations.


Fish, especially those that call the sea home, swim in iodine! Cod, for example, is a good source that one serving can meet your daily iodine needs. That's what makes it a food good for thyroid cancer. Incorporating a variety of fish in your meals is a tasty way to ensure your thyroid has what it needs to stay healthy and prevent disorders related to iodine deficiency.


Shellfish, like lobster and shrimp, are like the multitaskers of the seafood world regarding thyroid health. They are good sources of iodine and bring zinc, another essential mineral for thyroid function. Enjoying shellfish regularly but moderately can contribute to a well-rounded diet and support your thyroid.


Eggs are a versatile and nutrient-dense food containing both iodine and selenium, making them an excellent choice for supporting thyroid health. Consuming whole eggs can provide a substantial amount of these essential minerals, promoting optimal thyroid function.


Berries are antioxidant-rich fruits that can benefit your thyroid. Antioxidants help manage thyroid dysfunction and support overall health. Black raspberries, in particular, offer high antioxidant levels, making them a favorable option for those looking to enhance their thyroid health.

Foods to Avoid


Gluten is often found in bread, pasta, and pastries. Wheat, barley, and rye contain gluten, giving them texture. However, this protein may cause health issues. Gluten can cause side effects in celiac disease and gluten intolerance patients.

A growing body of research links celiac disease to autoimmune thyroid diseases. In other words, celiac disease patients mistake gluten for a threat. This can cause small intestine lining damage from an immune response. The same immune response affects the thyroid gland, causing Hashimoto's disease.

A gluten-free lifestyle may be best when considering the best thyroid cancer food. Gluten-free grains like quinoa, rice, and oats allow thyroid-healthy eating. However, packaged gluten-free products may be high in sugars or fats, so be careful.

Processed Foods

With their long shelf lives and convenience, processed foods are a staple in many pantries. But they may not be our best health allies, especially thyroid health. Part of the reason is the salt used. These salty treats provide iodine, but most processed foods use non-iodized salt. So, we get all the adverse effects of excess sodium without the iodine benefits.

Processed foods, listed as thyroid cancer-causing, have more than salt problems. These products often contain additives, artificial flavors, and preservatives that are bad for thyroid health. The answer? Going natural for iodine. Fresh fish, dairy, and seaweed provide thyroid-friendly iodine and other nutrients.

Fast Food

While fast food is convenient and tasty, it could be healthier. Fast and processed foods often use non-iodized salt, making them low in iodine. Not getting enough iodine from the diet can cause hypothyroidism.

Avoiding fast food and eating healthier improves thyroid and overall health. Eat fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains for thyroid cancer and overall health. They provide nutrients for the thyroid and other body functions.

Limiting fast food intake is advisable for those concerned with maintaining thyroid health and seeking the best food for thyroid cancer. Focusing on nutrient-dense, balanced meals can support their thyroid and overall health, reducing the risk of consuming the worst food for thyroid cancer.

Bottom Line

Thyroid health requires a balanced, mindful diet with food that benefits the pallet and your condition. Consuming iodine-rich seaweed, yogurt, fish, eggs, selenium-rich Brazil nuts, zinc-rich shellfish, and antioxidant-rich berries can improve health. Those with celiac disease should also avoid gluten and limit processed and fast food. You can support your thyroid and overall health by making informed nutritional choices, though these foods are good for thyroid cancer. For optimal health, choose wholesome, nutrient-dense foods over processed and fast foods, often responsible for thyroid cancer.


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